British Academy Award for Professor Ankhi Mukherjee

We’d like to wish our respondent, Prof Ankhi Mukherjee, hearty congratulations for being awarded the British Academy’s Rose Mary Crawshay Prize!

The prize, awarded to “a woman of any nationality who, in the judgement of the Council of the British Academy, has written or published within three years next preceding the year of the award an historical or critical work of sufficient value on any subject connected with English Literature”, was announced on 29 September and Prof Mukherjee commented that “I am particularly happy to be the recipient of an international award that recognises the contributions of women scholars.”

Prof Mukherjee’s book, What Is a Classic? Postcolonial Rewriting and Invention of the Canon (Stanford, 2014), was heralded as a “major contribution to postcolonial studies and to the growing critical field opened up by the concept of world literature” by the Academy and we’re thrilled that she will be responding to the discussions at Women and the Canon in January.

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