First Gender & Authority Seminar, 2/3/16

We’re delighted to announce the start of the series of seminars, Gender & Authority, which will provide a space to continue the conversations begun at the Women & the Canon Conference at Christ Church in January.

The first seminar in the series will take place in the Massey Room, Balliol College at 17.15 on Wednesday of Week 7 (2/3/16).
 Refreshments will be served from 17.00.

The speakers will be: Susan Garrard (University of St Andrews), ‘Searching for arcadia: reimagining the working-class pastoral fantasy in the poetry of factory-girl, Fanny Forrester, 1868-1882’, and Mary Harrod (University of Warwick), ‘Cine-filles: Genre, Pastiche and Contemporary Popular Women’s Filmmaking in France’.

We are grateful for the support of the Balliol Interdisciplinary Institute.



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