Women and the Canon: An Interdisciplinary Conference  – Graduate Projects in the Humanities

As the Gender & Authority Network gets underway for a second term, with another fascinating pair of presentations last night on Gertrude Stein’s relationship with labour and idleness and on the agency and self-determination of young homeless women in the USA, The AHRC-TORCH Graduate fund have given us another opportunity to reflect on the conference which started this ball rolling, Women & the Canon, back in January:

David Bowe (Victoria Maltby JRF, Somerville College, University of Oxford) reflects on the recent conference ‘Women and the Canon’, partly funded by the AHRC-TORCH Graduate Fund.

For a fuller account of the Journey to Women and the Canon, see Julia Caterina Hartley’s recent post here on our own blog.

The legacy of that conference, the discussions, both in person and online, that it generated, and the ongoing collaborative atmosphere it has inculcated, wouldn’t have been possible with the generous funding we received from a range of sources, including the AHRC-TORCH Graduate Fund. Neither would they have been possible without the generous spirit and fascinating work of all the participants in the conference and the ensuing seminar series.

Our next event will be on 1 June in the Vaughn SCR, Somerville College, with refreshments from 5pm and presentations beginning at 5.15pm from Lyn Ellen Burkett on modern musical canons and Alexis Brown on writers on film.



Source: Women and the Canon: An Interdisciplinary Conference  – Graduate Projects in the Humanities

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