A collaboration with the CGIS Reading Group

In the run up to our roundtable, we’ll be collaborating with the Centre for Gender, Identity, and Subjectivity for their first reading group of the term. Staff and students are all welcome.

We hope to see you all there. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided!

Tuesday 1 November 2016, 11.30-1pm, History Faculty

This collaborative reading group with CGIS will focus on the continuities, differences, and comparative advantages of framing one’s

research in terms of ‘gender studies’ and ‘women’s studies’.

In preparation for their round table on the same topic on Wednesday.


Please read in advance

  1. Teodolinda Barolini, ‘Notes towards a gendered history of Italian Literature’, in Barolini (ed.) Medieval Constructions in Gender and Identity: Essays in Honor of Joan M. Ferrante (Tempe, Ariz: Arizona Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2005).
  2. Mary Evans, ‘Doing gender: gender and women’s studies in the twenty first century’, Women’s Studies International Forum, 34:6 (2011), pp. 603-610.
  3. Sue Morgan, ‘Theorising feminist history: a thirty-year retrospective’, Women’s History Review, 18:3 (2009), pp. 381-407.

Direct links to the readings available on the CGIS website.


For more information and to connect with CGIS:



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