Public Lecture, 6th June: Professor Deborah Cameron on language and the problem of female authority

TORCH Gender & Authority Public Lecture

(Trinity College, Danson Room,  6th June, 6pm – please register in advance)

The Gender and Authority network, jointly supported by The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) and the Balliol Interdisciplinary Institute, is delighted to present a public lecture on ‘Language and the problem of female authority’, delivered by Professor Deborah Cameron and chaired by Professor Louise Richardson, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford.
After the lecture, there will be some time for Q&A. The event will conclude with a drinks reception, starting at 7:30pm. Join us for what is sure to be an exciting and enlightening evening, to which all are welcome.
Professor Cameron currently holds the Rupert Murdoch Professorship in Language and Communication, and is a Fellow of Worcester College. Her primary research interests include language, gender, and sexuality; ideologies of language and ‘verbal hygiene’; discourse analysis; and language and globalization. She regularly writes for and speaks to both specialist and generalist audiences, and has a blog called ‘Language: a feminist guide’. Professor Cameron’s publications include the monographs Working with Spoken Discourse (2001),The Myth of Mars and Venus: Do men and women really speak different languages? (2007), Verbal Hygiene (2012), More Heat than Light?: Sex-difference Science & the Study of Language (2013), and the co-authored Gender, Power and Political Speech: Women and Language in the 2015 UK General Election (2016). 
More information about the Gender and Authority Research Network is available at and

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