We’ll keep uploading a variety of podcasts, so watch this space! All of our podcasts are available through iTunes U, Soundcloud, and the Oxford University Podcast site.

Gender & Authority Seminar #7: Serena Alessi (British School at Rome) – ‘Re-writing the canon and re-thinking the myth’ and Rachel Delman (University of Oxford) – ‘Perceiving Female Authority: Gendered Iconography and Domestic Space in Late Medieval England

Gender & Authority Seminar #6: (coming soon) Jennifer Griffiths (American University of Rome) – ‘Women Artists and Italian Futurism: Questions of Absence and Inferiority’ Yasmin Khan (University of Oxford) – ‘Gender, Authority and the British Empire in the Second World War’

Gender & Authority Seminar #5: Annika Forkert (University of Bristol) – ‘The Subject of Women’s Music Has Bitched Me All My Life’: Elisabeth Lutyens, Edward Clark, and the Complexity of Canonicity’

Gender & Authority Roundtable: Gender Studies and Women’s Studies: The Gender and Authority TORCH Network, in collaboration with the Centre for Gender, Identity, and Subjectivity, hosted a roundtable discussion at Balliol College on 2 November 2016. The roundtable included discussion of the continuities, differences, and comparative advantages of framing one’s research in terms of ‘Gender studies’ or ‘Women’s studies’. The roundtable, featuring speakers from a range of University of Oxford faculties, programmes, and research networks, addresses a series of questions on the methodological continuities, divergences and complementarity of ‘Gender Studies’ and ‘Women’s Studies’.

Gender & Authority Seminar #4: Sahba Shayani (Oriental Institute, University of Oxford), who will be presenting on ‘The Confirmation of Gender & Authority through Literary Imitation: Poems Attributed to Ṭāhere Qorrat al-‘Ayn’ and Victoria Van Hyning who will be presenting on ‘Subsumed Autobiography: English Convent Self-Writing’ (English Faculty, University of Oxford)

Gender & Authority Seminar #3: Lyn Ellen Burkett (Western Carolina University) on ‘Teena and the Musical Canon: Music in Seventeen Magazine, 1944-1953′ and Alexis Brown (University of Oxford) on ‘Lady Lazarus: Textual Authority in Christine Jeff’s Sylvia (2003)’

Gender & Authority Seminar #2: Amy Donovan Blondell, ‘Gender, Self-determination and Authority: Homeless Young Women Navigate Life on the Road’.

Gender & Authority Seminar #1: Mary Harrod (University of Warwick):  “Cine-filles: Genre, Pastiche, and Contemporary Popular Women’s Filmmaking in France”

Susan Garrard (University of St Andrews): “Searching for Arcadia: Reimagining the Working-Class Pastoral Fantasy in the Poetry of Factory-Girl, Fanny Forester, 1868-1882”